Australian Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Band – Yellow Gold

The client for this engagement ring wanted a simple but elegant ring. Originally, the plan was to feature opals, as he wanted an Australian stone featured, as his fiance is Australian (he is English). It was decided to instead feature an Australian Sapphire, as it is a more durable stone, which is better suited to a ring worn everyday. The client wanted a channel style setting with a band that seems to twist around the finger. I am pleased to announce that she said yes!

© Miles Blum Designs
Starting point © Miles Blum Designs
Metal rolled out, ready to form ring © Miles Blum Designs
Formed ring © Miles Blum Designs
Laying out the stones © Miles Blum Designs
Carving out the twist © Miles Blum Designs
Cutting out the settings © Miles Blum Designs
Setting the stones © Miles Blum Designs
Finished Product © Miles Blum Designs
© Miles Blum Designs

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