Meet the Maker

I’m Miles Blum the sole trader of Miles Blum Designs. I have always had a passion for jewellery, but I only realised that it was the career I wanted to pursue in 2012. Finding a job as a mature aged apprentice is difficult when you have no experience. To get around this, I did a jewellery pre-apprenticeship course through Tafe. After completing this I was able to get a job with Wallace Bishop. Once I finished my apprenticeship I moved to Tenterfield with my wife and set up my business.

I currently work for my business for 3 days and spend the other 2 days raising my daughter.

Outside of my business I am a member of Tenterfield Rotary, Tenterfield Senior Soccer and the Granite Belt Community Band (I am a Saxophone player). I am also an amateur beer brewer and enjoy experimenting with different flavours.